Six Foot Four and Full of Muscles

I have just made my first Vegemite (and cheese) sandwich. Not for me, mind you. I won’t touch the vile stuff. I was noting the date on the jar was a mere two weeks away, when Bill said: “Don’t worry about the date, nothing will grow in that stuff.” Reassuring.

It looks like thick, delicious, chocolate frosting–bringing a number of potential practical jokes to mind.

Want a donut?

6 Responses to Six Foot Four and Full of Muscles

  1. Trubie says:

    It may *look* like chocolate frosting, but, rest assured, it tastes like salty axel grease. Not that I really know what axel grease tastes like, but it sounds like a pretty good guess.

  2. Rachie says:

    Hush. Vegemite is manna from heaven. And you can get it in England too. Yay!!

    You two don’t know what you’re missing, I feel sorry for you is all ;>

  3. Cat says:

    I can smell what I’m missing, and that’s quite enough. 😉

  4. Trubie says:

    Thank you, Cat 🙂

    And hey, Cat, could you drop me a quick e-mail? I’ve lost your e-mail address in the computer shuffle.


  5. David says:

    Vegemite is wonderful stuff. However I understand that it is difficult for those not initiated at an early age to fully appreciate its subtle flavours.

    My fiance is originally from Vietnam, and I have been amused to find that even people from the home of fish sauce find the smell of vegemite offputting.

  6. Paul says:

    Vegemite – love it, love it so much I made a vegemite stout beer!!! Perfect for dipping your breakfast toast in in the morning!!