Blogshares: Post Mortem

As anyone who owned shares knows, I delisted from Blogshares several days ago. At the time, there was a veritable stampede to do so, mostly because of this post (which I note is no longer on the site):

BlogShares works like every other search engine and index on the web. It finds sites listed on a public service ( and adds them to the database. Your site is not you. You want to play, you have to register. Your site is just a title and a link. Just like these search engines and indices you can use a robots.txt or web server directives to prevent the BlogShares bot (USER_AGENT : “BlogShares Bot / xx”, xx = version number) from spidering your site. When you ping, you give these details for the world to use. That’s your opt-in. That data is free game for anybody to play with. BlogShares provides an opt-out mechanism because I want to be nice not because I have to. isn’t for any particular purpose, you opt in to it you opt into everything associated with it. If you email me about this matter I will not spend any time explaining it to you.

I already had my doubts before this. I was somewhat uncomfortable with someone trading on my name. When I found out Seyed was going to have premium accounts for a small fee, I got very uncomfortable with someone making money off my name (why his copious ads did not bother me, I cannot say). Then he posted the above to the front page, and that was the kicker.

If you are using the resources built by a community, it is important that you respect the members of that community. You are not entitled to use anything they have built without consent. It was Seyed’s sense of entitlement that finally turned me away from Blogshares.

Heads up if you would like to delist: there are no longer instructions available unless you go to the forum. Here’s the link, just follow the instructions in fooljay’s post.

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