I, Robot

I didn’t even know there was an I, Robot movie in the works, until Paul got hired as Movement Coordinator.

If you’re expecting a faithful adaptation of Asimov’s work, don’t. The script was originally a smart robot murder mystery called Hardwired (see the excellent Kuro5hin thread). Fox picked it up (at no small expense), bought the rights to the book, wrote in a few things from I, Robot, and decided it would make a good prequel to a series of robot movies. In Proyas’ hands, it may well. The pros and cons:

PRO: Playing the lead of Det. Spooner (a human) is Will Smith. Y’all may not like him, but I do, and I think he’s a plus for the success of this project.

PRO: Though Wil Wheaton auditioned for the part of the robot Sonny, he didn’t get it. This is sad, but an equally good call, Alan Tudyk (formerly of Firefly), did.

CON: Akiva Goldsman is re-writing the screenplay. After Batman and Robin and Lost in Space, I have doubts.

PRO, HUGE EFFING PRO: Alex Proyas is directing. Booyah! By the way, Proyas has a message board on his site, where he actually answers questions.

3 Responses to I, Robot

  1. KELLY says:

    Didn’t Akiva Goldsman also write the screenplay to “A Beautifull Mind”? As I recall, you didn’t like that screenplay, so I can see where there might be trouble. I miss “Firefly”. I thought It was a whole lot of fun. They haven’t even finished showing all the episodes they filmed. As for the director, I have only seen “Dark City” and enjoyed the feel of it very much. Could be Good.

  2. Cat says:

    Didn’t Akiva Goldsman also write the screenplay to “A Beautifull Mind”?

    *bites tongue*


    As for the director, have you seen the first Crow movie? Same guy.

  3. Kate S. says:

    I love Alan Tudyk’s work, ever since 28 Days. I also loved Firefly and didn’t know it was gone! (They’re still showing it up here in Alaska.)
    I think Wil Wheaton looks like a crack junkie lately. What’s up with this anorexic, dark circles under the eyes look he’s got going? Good thing he didn’t get the part!
    I came here to get info on the blogathon. Could you help educate me, please? I’m a new blogger and would like to participate. Maybe.