Had a blast at the zoo yesterday. The scene in the polar bear enclosure:

The female was wandering around the habitat, looking kind of bored and lonesome. She plodded over to the male, who was zonked out with the full length of his belly pressing against the cool concrete. She snuffled his foot. He twitched and complained. She slinked up next to his ear and said: “Mwaoooah!”

“Mrphng,” he replied, and went back to sleep. Unhappily, the female wandered off again.

This is when I looked at Bill, who likes to sleep a lot, and started laughing. I think when I get tired of wandering the apartment alone this morning, I shall go in and snuffle his foot.

Er, or not.

2 Responses to Sleepyhead!

  1. Judith says:

    Try an ear! Good luck!

  2. Bill says:

    Stop that! I don’t want you two collaborating!