Was just at Borders, and at the counter was a small display of local music. I loves me some local music, so I picked out an EP from Charmparticles.

Cool chick behind counter: Charmparticles eh?

Me: Yeah, it’s cheap, and I like to try new stuff.

CCBC: Well, you’ll have to tell me how you like my band.

After much figgering, I’m going to guess that CCBC is Sarah. The site is very well designed (there are obviously webheads involved), but I long for clearer pictures, guys!

So I put the disk on, and let the four songs play. I started really paying attention on the second track, the Later Lonely, which is quite nice. Then it ended. And I hit play again. Then it ended again, and I figured I just may as well put it on repeat.

They describe themselves as shoe-gaze with a bit of space. They remind me of half a dozen bands I love. Methinks I shall go see them live soon.

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