Deadly Earworm

In the pressure to get the Blogathon site launched, I reminded myself that I once wrote a musical in two days. I did, really. It was back when I was trying to be religious. In any case, this led to the unfortunate consequence of having one of the songs from that musical get stuck in my head. It is a children’s song that became quite popular with the under-10 crowd. It still makes me tear up with pain.

There is nothing worse than home-grown earworm, because along with the awful music, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you alone are to blame.

PS: Site updates here will be sparse for a while.

2 Responses to Deadly Earworm

  1. Kate S. says:

    Hey, Cat, I know you’re busy, but I have a few questions about the Blogathon and am having trouble getting them answered. I have been to the homepage but didn’t really see anything there to explain the whys, wherefores and how-tos and such. I’ve asked several of last year’s participants for details but to no avail.

    I get that it’s for charity and that you can choose your own to donate to, and that you get people to sponsor you, but the logistics are eluding me. And do you really write for 24 hours STRAIGHT? Damn. Cause celebre!

    Anyway, please email if you have the time or tell me where I can get this info. Perhaps I need to have patience and wait for all to be revealed on the Blogathon homepage?

  2. Kate S. says:

    Oh my! I just went through your last year’s blogathon archives. Incredible! I so enjoyed that. I love stuff like that!
    BTW: I went to the Oregon Vortex. Couldn’t make it up to the actual opening because the gravity was so strong I had to sit down, eventually walking slowly and heavily back to the gift shop where I had to sit more, becoming very dizzy, disoriented and suffering nausea that lasted for hours after. Actually it took several days for me to return to “normal” after that visit, so I poured over the books and pamphlets I bought there, looking for answers.

    You really owe it to yourself to go check it out for yourself. The clerk that sold me the books said: “Yeah, a lot of people have the same reaction to this place.” Then she chuckled. Heh.