Okay, I didn’t want to whine about it, but it’s driving me nuts so I may as well vent a little.

I miss my husband.

He’s in Oz, doing the final visa thing so he can legally live and work here. The consulate, which I’m sure is very busy, has been less than communicative. I mean, we’re sure everything will be fine, it’s just taking a lot of time apart.

I swore when he left that I was going to work hard on taking care of myself–cook good meals, keep the house clean, take walks everyday, keep a positive attitude. That lasted about a week.

Before I met Bill, I was fine alone. I was doing pretty well. The difference between that and what we have together is like the difference between prison and freedom. I bet most of you have been in love, and you know what I mean.

So I’m back behind bars for a little while. I’m coping okay. Not spectacularly, but okay. And I think tomorrow will be a little better, and the day after that, even better, until finally he’s home, and I’m free again.

3 Responses to *snif*

  1. 6y says:


  2. Kate S. says:

    My doggies are outside, looking in at me, whining, whimpering, puppies wanting to be in here, even tho it’s a 100 frickin’ degrees and their little tongues would curl up around the edges. They can’t pant hard enough to keep cool.
    This is what I hear in your voice. I’m so sorry you are abandoned in love lock-up, but glad you found each other at all…hang in there, baby!
    Uh, came looking for more info on the Blogathon. (oops, it says to hang in there, so I’m gonna go — hang.)
    We’re like…bats.

  3. Raven Lee says:

    There, there, kitty.

    Keep your chin up.

    I know just the thing to keep your mind occuppied during your husbands absence.


    Think about it.