Sci Fi Brain

Most mornings at my bus stop, there is a conservatively dressed man with a shaved head. Slim, mid-forties, he seems on appearance to be the type of person who would make an interesting dinner companion. Just your basic good vibe.

Today, I noticed those same clothes out of the corner of my eye, and almost didn’t look up. I got a surprise when I did. Handsome, shaved head, same clothes, same build, same vibe–and about twenty years old. Moreover, the young man had a subtle look of wonderment on his face for the whole busride. Then he got off at the same stop as his older doppleganger.

Okay, it’s probably father and son. But the first thing I thought, with my wiggy brain, was that the older man had found a way to rejuvenate himself, or some magical being gave him back the body of his youth, or maybe he switched brains with his son.

The world in my head has so many more possibilities.

6 Responses to Sci Fi Brain

  1. Jett says:

    I love this post, Cat.

    Things like this seem to happen to me quite often.

  2. senn says:

    ^And just what are you doing noticing handsome men at the bus stop, hmmmmmmmmm?^

  3. Cat says:

    ^And just what are you doing noticing handsome men at the bus stop, hmmmmmmmmm?^

    ~That’ll teach you to go to Australia for a month.~

  4. J.D. says:

    Nice post.

    My wife rides the bus to work every day, from Canby to downtown Portland. (Actually, from Oregon City to downtown Portland; she drives to a park-and-ride in Oregon City.)

    She often comes home with tales of people she sees on the bus, of odd events that occur. It makes me feel left out, as if I’m missing out on some important piece of Portland culture, that I’ve never had occasion to ride Tri-Met before.

    Maybe I should, just for the fun of it…

  5. john says:

    that’s kind of freaky

  6. GreyDuck says:

    Oo! New collaborative blog project! “Tri-Met Tales.”

    Er, no, in fact I wasn’t volunteering to create such a thing. I’m just sayin’, neat idea. *cough*