Scene from a Meeting

Me: *yawn*

Jack: Jeeze, stop that! Now that Bill’s back, you stay up all night, BLOGGING. Having people over BLOGGING until all hours of the morning…

Patrick: Those damned kids and their blogging!

Robert: It’s not the loud music I can’t stand, it’s the constant clicking…

Jack: All night long with the pizza delivery. All we hear is “Slide it under the door! Slide it under the door!”

Me: I’m so blogging this.

5 Responses to Scene from a Meeting

  1. Daynah says:

    *laughs* how cute!

  2. amor says:

    This is hilarious!!!!! LOLOLOL

    Great blog, thanks for the laughs.

  3. Kathy says:

    Kathy Conner: Well, that was my maiden name. Just poking about here.