Am I Ready For This?

Just wanted to take a breather and put in a pre-Blogathon post.

I’m tired. I’ve had little sleep lately, but I definitely have to crash early tonight, no matter how much there is to do.

So far, this has been the most remarkable year yet. We’ve had more toys to work with (thanks, Rob!), and still have a long wishlist for next year.

I think this is the strangest thing: I’m anxious to start on next year. Usually, I’m burned out by this point; thinking I’ll never touch a keyboard again after the event is over. No such thing this year. I have plans, many and nefarious.

The press coverage this year has pleased and amazed me, yet I don’t think it’s quite sunk in. I know there will be a few people seeing this post because of those news articles. To you I say: “Hello! Sorry for the mess. Can I get you something to drink?”

I will now go into pre-thon hibernation mode. See you at 6am tomorrow.

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