Grotto of the Redemption

In West Bend, Iowa, you’ll find the Grotto of the Redemption, built over the course of 42 years by Father Paul Dobberstein. Dobberstein built the grotto in thanks to the Virgin Mary for saving him from pneumonia.

Visitors are dwarfed by encrusted towers and junk glass tapestries. The Grotto of the Redemption is large when compared to other rocky American religious shrines — and Wisconsin’s Dickeyville Grotto or Alabama’s Ave Maria Grotto are considerably less be-gemmed. Each new shiny pearl and chunk of pink quartz reaffirmed Dobberstein’s devotion to the Mother of Christ, and her mysterious grotto plan.”

1 Responses to Grotto of the Redemption

  1. Kate S. says:

    Amazing. Three men’s work. And the tornado, heading right for the grotto, jumped 100 feet in the air and just missed it. (!)
    Finally, a good reason to visit Iowa.