Filippo Bentivegna’s Garden of Enchantments

Filippo’s sculptures are not exactly enchanting, being mostly faces and mostly unsmiling. Solitary and poor all his life, he seems to have expressed his loneliness in wood and stone.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Cat, this is totally amazing!!!! what you’ve pulled together here and very interesting to watch what else you are going to post. I’ve only heard of very few of the museums and gardens that you have put up here so it’s been a very interesting artistic journey around the globe.

    I guess the toughest part will be ahead of you, getting through the night. But I’m sure you can and will make it!!! Here’s some ENERGY for you to help you stay awake and I hope you are having FUN doing this!

    Happy blogging through the night! and enjoy your well-deserved sleep tomorrow. Upps, shouldn’t have used that word … Sorry!