Nek Chand’s Rock Garden

Nek Chand worked for eighteen years on his Rock Garden, a 40-acre sculpture park in Chandigarh. Initial conflict with city officials forced him to work in secret for many years, but the Garden is now a celebrated city attraction and has been open to the public since 1976.

2 Responses to Nek Chand’s Rock Garden

  1. lola says:

    guess what… it’s 18th hour monitor encouragement time!!!!!!

    congratulations! we’re 3/4ths done! you made it this far, you can make it to the end, i KNOW you can! YAY! GREAT job! just think how proud you’ll be after the thon is over, knowing you did something good for charity! i’m proud of you, keep it up!!!! YAY!!

  2. Kate S. says:

    I have always had a soft spot for free-spirited, outside-thinkig architects, like F. L. Wright, who, along with others like this guy, Nek Chand, also created tight symbiotic relationships between their functional man-made creations and Nature.
    Beautiful photos.