Well well well…

You know… I was going to say, “Well well well, look what the cat dragged in”… but then I realized… heh, the Cat did drag me in.

Can you tell I need some major amounts of coffe?? So, Cat is over at my blog for this post, and I am here. Must admit I’m quite honored that she took the time out to swap with me. Definetly made me a little bit happier in my pit of gloom.

I wish Dave was up. Would definetly keep me up talking to him and playing cards.

Top Five Reasons To Call Into Work

1. You treated Sunday night like Saturday night and got a little too drunk.
2. The sun is up, the weather is gorgeous, and the beach is calling your name!
3. You know for a fact that there is a big stack of work sitting on your desk and you do not feel like dealing with it.
4. That thing you were supposed to do Friday before you left the office? Yeah, you didn’t do it and you don’t want to hear about it, either.
5. Last week was a holiday, you got paid time and a half for it… Eh, stay in bed to celebrate!

I love calling into work. Too bad I have some stupid ‘work ethic’ thing that holds me responsible for the things that I do, and whenever I do want to call in, I just don’t have the guts to do it because I know it’s not for a vaild reason.

Just a little presie before I go. 🙂

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