Las Pozas

In about 1940, Edward James left England, to find himself situated in Xilitla, Mexico. There he built the startling environment known as Las Pozas.

“It is said that while bathing in the pools at Las Pozas, Edward saw a cloud of butterflies come down toward him through the canyon, their thickness momentarily cutting off the rays of the sun – Edward saw this incredible spectacle of fluttering wings as a sign that this was to be his home and thereafter set about to transform Las Pozas into his Enchanted Garden.”

1 Responses to Las Pozas

  1. Kate S. says:

    Now this is my kind of getaway, to an enchanted tropical paradise. Even if the bamboo is made out of concrete. I particularly like those spiral stairways that lead to nowhere, or a lookout post on top, like “toadstools.”