He’d intended to go to bed. It was late, and he was bone weary with the night’s journey. Yet there he was, ensnared yet again–lured to the chair by the cat who now enjoyed his lap and his attentions. “I think she has you,” I whispered to him, “you must throw her in the fires of Mount Doom.”


We defied convention last night by staying out late on a Monday. I finally convinced Bill, who is a Tolkien fiend of the highest order and had hitherto refused to sully his personal imaginings with those of Peter Jackson, to watch my DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring. About the time Gandalf is considering the path through the Mines of Moria, Bill mutters: “I kind of wish we had the other one now.” So have the other one we did, in the form of a late showing at the Avalon.

The Avalon is a great bet for cheap fun. Tickets for the 9:15pm showing were $2 a pop. While we waited, we spent another $2 in nickels at the arcade–the skee-ball type of arcade, not the video kind. Before getting our seats, we bought a bottle of water, for $1.25. Don’t these people know they’re supposed to charge at least $3.50?

Considering all this, we shouldn’t have been surprised to see the little theatre (with comfy seats) mostly full. When Jackson got it right, there would be gleeful wriggling to my left. Wrong, and I’d hear little stomps and see a pout in the darkness. We had a great time.

Small aside: the India Oven on Hawthorne is so very good, and also very reasonably priced. I think we’ve found a regular outing.

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  1. Ralf says:


    I’m very impressed Kitty — well done! 🙂

    Make him go see it again. I felt the same way the first time (scowling at the adaptations) but then, seeing it again with the knowledge of what would be different, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Hope your move went well,