App Knee? Ya!

Bill slept peacefully against my shoulder as I fidgeted (mentally) in the waiting area. When the nurse came out to gather my paperwork, she chuckled and said: “Let me guess who the patient is!” I grinned and said she’d be wrong, because it was me.

When the time came, we were led back to a conference room, five sleepy people and a perky nurse practitioner, to watch a 17-minute video and listen to people talk about Sleep Apnea. By the end of the video, the woman next to me was out cold.

Apnea is when you stop breathing when you are asleep–just for a few seconds, but many times a night. By morning, you’re not exactly awake and refreshed. I was there to get a little education before being scheduled for a sleep study, where I will be wired up and watched for a night of ~peaceful~ slumber.

Before being introduced to the intimidating (but really quite benign) CPAP machine, we were told delightful tales of surgical horror. Let’s see…there’s one where they move your entire jaw forward, the TRACHEOTOMY (*shudder*), and finally the one where they cut out your uvula and lots of other stuff! By the time Nurse Nancy was done, I was thinking the CPAP looked quite fashionable. We got to try one, and it’s extremely quiet, fairly comfy, and really no big deal.

So in about two weeks, I’m off to show my jammies to strangers. Fear my jammies, you sleep technicians!

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