Go Comcast!

To all my fervent admirers:

We’re moving this weekend, and it looks like Comcast hit the switch a few days early. Therefore, if you write me, it’s very likely I will not answer until next week. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

2 Responses to Go Comcast!

  1. internetprincess says:

    dear cat! how r u?! isn’t that moving just TONS OF FUN? the part i find is incredibly fun is cleaning the previous place spotless while simultaneously packing like mad and still moving stuff up and out! OH BOY FUN! anyway, i just wanted to tell u that i’ve missed u and frytopia sooo much-AND BOY AM I TOTally MAD AT COMCAST! I MEAN TOTALLY MAD-i have been checking every day to see if u were back! anyway, i really hope things are falling in to place for u-so to speak-A CURSE ON COMCAST- and i’m praying u will be back on Monday! feel free to rant at me anytime at my e-mail above…jacqui/internetprincess