Saturn: The Anti-Car

I’ve been seeing a Saturn commercial that leaves me blinking. I think there’s a subversive at the ad company.

The ad begins with a soothing piano solo, and we see a man jogging out of his garage, backing on to the road, and jogging off forward, as if he were maneuvering his car.

Next come a number of scenarios where we see only people–no cars–on streets and highways. They are spaced as if they were driving…showing us just how much room cars take up. The soothing music continues, as if to say how calm life would be without automobiles.

Finally, the pitch comes. Three silver Saturn models overlook what I believe is Los Angeles at dusk–horrible smog layer and all.

Thank you, Saturn, for making my point so eloquently.

6 Responses to Saturn: The Anti-Car

  1. Jenn says:

    Love my Saturn. Love their different approach to everything.

  2. Shannon says:

    i drive a toyota celica. is that cool? my basis for choosing a car was something that would look pretty. i guess that makes me shallow, doesn’t it…

  3. I think the point of showing the people “driving” around without their cars is to illustrate how goofy you look without a car. 😉

  4. haven’t seen that ad but so far my Saturn hasn’t inspired me to jog…hope the ad will.


  5. Maus says:

    Wow… I just saw the website, and I must admit I’m both stunned and flattered by your descion… Thank you, Kat, for your descion. I never expected it, and to think that at least I helped make the Blogathon more enjoyable to you… Well, that means a lot. Yeah, this comment has nothing to do with cars, but I had to say it. Thanks, and see you next year in 2004 when I’ll be OFFICIAL THAT TIME! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111
    *ahem* Sorry, manical laughter moment… Peace, and have fun.

  6. bluedog says:

    where are you???