Got Chocolate?

Here’s a question for all you adults out there: how long has it been since you had chocolate milk?

I had chocolate syrup for sundaes made many moons ago, and I had the milk, but for some reason, I hadn’t put them together. Heck, I hadn’t had a glass of the merry mix for years. Then, a few days ago, I decided nothing could be better with my peanut butter bagel than a glass of chocolate milk. I was right. I now contend that everyone should drink a glass once in a while. It’s good for you.

In other miscellaneous news, go here and sign up. If we get critical mass, it could be a great tool for keeping up with what’s going on in your neighborhood–something I’m notoriously bad at.

1 Responses to Got Chocolate?

  1. Evelyn says:

    Hot Chocolate with a shot of rum in it, yummm, one of my favorite winter drinks to warm up with after spending a few minutes (usually more) outside in the icy cold MN winds. I guess that’s one thing to look forward to … instead of the sinus infections. 🙂