Yes, it is happy

For most of my life, I had shitty birthdays. I’m not saying I didn’t get what I wanted, or that other people were bad to me (well, okay–except that one time when my dad forgot. Bastard.). Quite the opposite. For some reason, I would get all depressed–yet try to go out anyway–resulting in some social disaster that left me wishing I never had the original birthday to begin with.

Bill knew this when he married me. He enacted a Make A Fuss of Kitty act, in an attempt to get me through my birthdays unharmed. So far, it’s worked. I’ve had the best birthdays the for the last two years (the current day being still in progress), and I wanted to post a public thanks to the man responsible:

Bill, I love you. Thanks.

And happy birfday to me!

2 Responses to Yes, it is happy

  1. TheBrad says:

    Hippo birdy two ewes!!!

  2. Paul says:

    Belated but said with feeling – HAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!

    You have made my life a better place by being who you are! Thanks!