I’m a bad person. I didn’t tell you about Backspace’s showing of Troy Klebey’s work until it was too late. Now you’ll have to look for him elsewhere.

I was admiring the “prints of Klebey’s lovely abstracts” when Bill pointed out to me that they were, in fact, photographs of walls. “Look, there’s a crack in that one.” My eyes got big.

Klebey, who seems to be making a career of wall studies, went several steps further than the photos in the link–literally. His close-ups of the multi-layered wallspaces we see every day give them life as art–unintentional on the occasion of its first creation, then elevated through the photograph. It is work I want badly to own.

So, I’m sorry for not speaking up sooner. If I spot him again, I promise to post right away.

3 Responses to Walls

  1. Troy Klebey says:

    It’s always great to stumble upon a review or a positive opinion about your work. Your comments were right on. I’m taking a break away from showing work because it’s been on-the-go all year long and I feel a little burned out. Though I am working on a few marketing projects for this series. Next year I plan on showing a complete series of my work. Should I keep you posted? The link you have to Gavin’s site is the only place to view the other work I have that lead up to the more acclaimed and sophisticated “Wall Splotch Series”.
    Who wrote the review by the way?

  2. Cat says:


    Thanks for dropping by. Nothing is cooler to me than an artist commenting on what I wrote about them. Definitely keep me posted on next year’s show. I’d love to know if you end up with further webspace as well, so I could point people to more of your work. As for the review, all the words here are mine.

  3. hu dalila says:

    like the way u fool yourself!!!