So I thought I would do Citysearch a favor and cross-post a couple of my restaurant listings.

I edited entries for Oba!, Porto Terra, and P.F. Changs for content and length. Guess which one got accepted. Yes, they rejected both negative reviews.

This is especially interesting in the case of PF Chang’s, as the reviews they have are positive to the point of saccharine. At least twice, attractive staff is mentioned. Yes, I don’t care if they hit me in the head, as long as they look good doing it!

In any case, the form letter they sent me says:

“Thank you for submitting a review of Oba Restaurant on Citysearch. In
order to assure that reviews are as helpful as possible to the
community, we’ve established content guidelines for all submissions.
Unfortunately, your review violates these guidelines and cannot be posted.”

I have written and asked them precisely which guideline I have violated. For reference, tips are here and guidelines are here. Can you spot where I went wrong? Besides not being paid off, that is.

2 Responses to Citysearch?

  1. ailianna says:

    Ditto on evil Citysearch. I’m a small business owner who got myself listed there, because of course, people use it … I got a high-powered sales call and went with a fairly high budget of “click-per-pay” to try and jump-start things. Suddenly, about 2 weeks after signing the agreement, I found four raving reviews on my company. All of them had the same writing style (amazingly, the same illiterate blathering shown in the emails my sales rep blanketed me with), and when I did a quick peek at the users’ other reviews, they had all reviewed nearly the same businesses. Hmmm. Coincidence?

    Sooo … I asked my salesperson to remove them, as I wanted real live reviews, not scharmy ones. They haven’t. So I pulled my business listing, as I find their methods despicable. Now my “free” listing has–surprise! 4 negatives, no positives. Citysearch blows … but your reviews have been most helpful, thank you :). And thanks for rant space.

  2. Kitty says:

    Ailianna–thanks for the insider view. No wonder I don’t see people using their service much anymore.

    I’d be very curious to see your listing. We could even see if they’d accept a positive review from me. 🙂