CAT and BILL are watching a seagull soar overhead.

BILL: I want to be able to do that.
CAT: Me too.
BILL: Wouldn’t it be cool to swoop and soar?
CAT: I’d poop on people!
BILL: [sighing] I bet you would.

6 Responses to Duck!

  1. bill says:


  2. bill says:

    At least, *I* was looking at the egret. There were gulls around though.

  3. Kitty says:

    They all poop.

  4. Judith says:

    Chuckle chuckle!

  5. bill says:


  6. I have to say that I had to read that about three times before I realised that it wasn’t Bill who wanted to poop on people 🙂

    Either way, it reminded me of Potty Pigeon, a game for the Commodore 64. Very worth downloading and having a play with, if just to convert Bill to the dark side of flight.

    Swoopingly yours,


    PS The Gematriculator proclaims frykitty.com to be only 46% evil. R.

    PPS Have you gotten your G5 yet Bill, or are you going to get the 300D? It’s making me think of getting a camera! R.