Pet Food Alert

Dear Royal Canin:

I have been a loyal customer for several years. Your products have kept two cats healthy and happy.

I have recently discovered some disturbing news about another pet food manufacturer, IAMS. Apparently they have been less than conscientious in the care of their test animals. I noticed that you also keep a laboratory, and I assume you have test animals.

The organization PETA, though I do not always agree with them and their methods, appears to have compiled a reliable list of responsible pet food companies. I noticed that Royal Canin is not on the list. To say the least, this gives me pause.

Here is the letter that PETA sent to pet food manufacturers:

Here is the survey they requested be completed:

I hope to check the list in the future, and find you have been added to the rolls. Until then, I regret that I can no longer purchase your product.


Cat Connor
Portland, Oregon, USA

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