How To Make A Grand Plan

At work, I plan well. I can run a meeting, keep a calendar, do an outline, and the rest. At the same time, to be clear, I am not one of those folks who plans to the exclusion of actually doing anything. In any case, we recently went through a planning workshop here, and while some of the methodology was questionable, there were some very good concepts to take away, as well as a good end-product. I mixed that with my own planning habits to come up with something truly useful to me.

After it was done, and I saw my sparkling clear direction, I realized I need to do this with some projects at home as well. I also realized that when next year comes around, and it’s time to revisit everything…I’m going to forget how the hell I did it.

To assist my creaky memory, I made a quick planning guide (pdf) to which I can refer. Naturally, having done this, I decided to share.

1 Responses to How To Make A Grand Plan

  1. Tara says:

    This is exactly what I needed right now — it’s serendipity.

    I’m going into a group project next week as the new girl — following this guide is going to help get me up to speed much faster than if I muddle through on my own. Thanks for posting it!