Surf Like I Do

There is a new little gadget in the right-side column, under Surf: My Bloglines. By clicking it, you can surf the same blogs I do, using a quick, easy, and downright elegant web app by the creator of ONEList (remember how beautiful ONEList was before Yahoo bought it?).

I’ve been thinking of using an RSS aggregator for a while, but wasn’t happy with anything I’d looked at. I didn’t want a desktop application, because I prefer to keep things portable. I also wanted something insanely easy. I’ve never been good about following all my blog links on a regular basis, and have a tendency to fall behind. It looks like Bloglines is going to cure me of that. I’m already addicted.

With great features like email subscriptions, folders, and recommendations, and with a damned slick interface, Bloglines is the way to keep up with the web.

3 Responses to Surf Like I Do

  1. salt says:

    Very nice indeed, kitty. I think I’ll be giving it a trial as well. Thank you!

  2. Elaine says:

    Do you have an RSS feed for frytopia? I couldn’t see the link on your weblog anywhere.

  3. Cat says:

    They’ve always been there, but I just recently added links to them. They’re on the right menu–if you can’t see them, you may want to clear your cache for a fresh page.