Down with RealPlayer

I just uninstalled the insidious RealPlayer–I hope for good. I’ve tried this many times in my frustration with that awful software, but it involved just passing on media I wanted to experience. Each time, I reinstalled.

Now there’s a choice (scroll down to Real Alternative). Now I’m looking for sites that offer RealMedia files so I can test it.

Via Anil.

2 Responses to Down with RealPlayer

  1. alan says:

    RealPlayer freezes my computer EVERY time I try to use it. Thanks for the alternative suggestion.

  2. brykMantra says:

    I was just complaining about that the other day; I hate how RealPlayer hijacks all your file associations every time it runs.

    Last week I upload a short animation to my blog, and people (including my wife) said it wouldn’t run, because they got an error message saying “RealPlayer cannot update”, or some such crap. It’s bad enough it has to take over as default player for everything, but then it doesn’t even work!

    (PS: Cool site, first time here, came here through BlogSnob)