Girl not in trouble

A big kudos to VH1’s Bands Reunited for not backing away from what the industry did to Debora Iyall and Romeo Void. Their record company (I believe it was Columbia, but don’t quote me) cut off support halfway through their tour–despite two hits–because of Iyall’s weight.

See, it’s okay for Smashmouth and Bare Naked Ladies. Those are heavy men. A woman who dares be in the public eye had better conform or go home. Well, Iyall didn’t conform. She’s now a printmaker, and a contributor at Fat!So?.

2 Responses to Girl not in trouble

  1. senn says:

    Debora, no ‘h’.

  2. Cat says:

    Poop. I had it right the first time, but googled “Iyall” to make sure, and went from the site description. My bad. I wonder where Google is pulling that description from?