Bill Press Needs YOU!

Bill Press is writing a book about the top 10 reasons why Bush should not get a second term. He’s looking for input at, so the book can become the “Democrats’ playbook for 2004.” What are your top ten?

7 Responses to Bill Press Needs YOU!

  1. botany says:

    10. Bone Ass Stupid
    9. Stole an election (My god that is # 9)
    8. International screw up– tells the U.N. it is not needed
    to enforce U.N. rules and now comes back to the U.N.
    to ask for it’s help
    7. Allowed the French to be castigated all the while
    knowing French Troops are risking their asses to help
    us in Afghanistan
    6. The allowing of dumb ass right wing born again
    mouth breathing idiots to get input into anything
    5. Drove 3 businesses bankrupt but not before getting
    rich on insider deals
    4. Halliburton, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rummey, and Rove
    3. Put into power by Enron (true story)
    2. Iraq** how many are going to die for the lie he has
    promoted about a link ‘tween 9/11 and Saddam.
    He took one of the worst events in u.s. history and
    lied and manipulated it for his own goals. Has hidden
    much of the 9/11 facts from the American people.
    Saudi connection???
    1. The environment

  2. GHWB says:

    I understand now why animals eat their young!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    PATRIOT ACT (Nice title huh?) This above all needs to be our greatest concern. Our forefathers gave them to us and Bush took them away. Please note how he’s screaming at us to make it permanent. (Why Bushy Boy, whats your aggenda. Haven’t destroyed and taken enough power? You bet he hasn’t and if (I pray to God it never happens.) he does that, God save us all. He’s just starting and laughing all the way.
    Remember WW1 & WW2, how is it that we were able to help save a world and still have our liberties then, but he wants use to give them up now to “PROTECT US” That sounds like a leader that can’t do his job. The web address above is for a must read book. “Aristocracy, Fortune & the politics of deceit in the house of Bush” There are pages and pages of the book you can read right on the web. Learn about our lying dictator. Also please make sure you email everyone you know. This book will quickly give reasons as to his motivation.
    Yes, he lied, yes he robbed us, destroyed our earth started wars and is the worst president this country has ever seen. But pay attention folks its not going to stop its just going to get worse and you CAN’T fight him without rights. THAT IS HIS AGENDA.
    From:” No dictator for Me ”

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Book: “Aristocracy, Fortune & the politics of deceit in the house of Bush”


    From: No dictator for me!

  5. Diania says:

    1. tax cuts for all almericans. No one I know got more than $200.
    2.The real reason we are in Iraq-OIL!
    3. Health care, what there is of it.
    4. Budget deficiet
    5. Seems like the freedom of speech rule applies only to people who think like him. Can’t believe there are so many that do.
    6. Florida Chads are his friends. And his brother is govenor.
    7. Chaney and Haliburton
    8. Asking for money to rebuild Iraq from countries and then not letting them get contracts for the work.
    9. He looks like a monkey
    10. He seems to have no concept of what truth really is.

  6. Cat says:

    tax cuts for all almericans. No one I know got more than $200.

    Here’s an interesting bit: we’ve had to raise taxes locally. Our schools and other services are floundering because of the decimated economy. I haven’t done the specific numbers, but it ends up either being a wash, or a tax increase. This happened all over the country.

    While my own taxes don’t concern me that much–as I mentioned earlier–what *does* concern me is inequitable taxes. My share is fair–but those more affluent than me should be paying the same percentage, IMO.

  7. Karen Austen says:

    Why is no one talking about impeachment?

    Mr. Bush’s lies are much more harmful than Clinton’s.