Gone Phishin’

Nope, not talking about the band. “Phishing” is a type of scam where personal information is requested via an official-looking email. For example, you may get an email from eBay saying they need you to update your address, and won’t you just click this link and sign in? What they really want is your password–which they get when you click on a spoofed link and enter it.

Enter Anti-Phishing.org, dedicated to tracking and stopping this type of scam. Here you can report incidents as well as checking to see what scams are going around at the moment.

Personally, I never click the link in such an email. I’ll go to my account in another browser window, just to make sure there’s really nothing going on. That’s right, these scams look so official that even I double-check. I wish Anti-Phishing.org success.

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