Today, Two Fridays Ago, Tuesday After Next

Imagine living in a city about the size of Portland, and every ten days, a young woman is murdered. Every ten days. For ten years.

It seems only celebrity involvement could bring attention to the murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. 370 women have been murdered over the last ten years–averaging one murder every ten days. Jane Fonda, Sally Field, and others are protesting the lack of investigation into these crimes, shining the international spotlight on a corrupt police force.

I am rich, I am famous, I am white, I have a daughter, I have a granddaughter, and I know if they were murdered or disappeared, the authorities would work very work very hard to find out who killed them or who kidnapped them,” Jane Fonda told a news conference in Ciudad Juarez.

You may or may not like Fonda, but this is as good a use of celebrity as can be had.

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