For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to find a site where I could enter all my media, and maybe produce a list that I could easily transfer to my website. Mediachest is all that, plus there’s an organized borrowing system, so you can invite your friends and they can borrow your movies (or CDs, or books, or games).

While it’s billed as another social networking site, a key difference is that I wouldn’t make all my online friends part of my network here–it would just be local people to whom I’ve already loaned. But they do have a trust rating system set up, so I could include other locals if I wanted to. Sounds like a great way to make new friends.

I’m excited, and I’m trotting out to get a barcode reader so I can enter my collections more quickly.

2 Responses to Mediachest

  1. william bill says:

    could you please tell me wher you got
    the photo of the cat with car on belly,
    and if the photo is available somewhere? Thanks.

  2. Cat says:

    That’s a postcard that was given to me many years ago by a good friend. The company doesn’t have an online presence, and I’ve never found the picture anywhere else on the web. Feel free to grab the pic from my page if you like.