C’mon, give a b!X

If you donate to b!X through PayPal, you get a special prize: you find out his real name.

b!X has begun the thankless task of keeping Portland reporters (all three of them) honest. He gets out and does the footwork, staying on top of the hot issues that populate our ballots and our lives. We live in a state that likes to legislate on the bleeding edge. Portland Communique is a great way to keep up.

Go slip him a fin.

3 Responses to C’mon, give a b!X

  1. senn says:

    You do know that his name is right on the front page of his blog, right? On the left, scroll down a ways.

  2. Cat says:

    Oh, poo. Must be a feature of the new design, which I have not fully explored. Well ~I guess there’s no reason to donate now.~ 😉

  3. Nick says:

    I suppose I should mention that I finally got to meet this guy in the flesh. So, yes, he dose actually exist.