Georgia outlaws popular piercing…for women

Georgia State Rep. Bill Heath has decided that genital piercing for women is just something he doesn’t like. To ban it, he managed to tack an amendment onto a bill outlawing female genital mutilation. He doesn’t like men piercing those naughty bits either, but he won’t pursue legislation.

The constitutional challenge on this one should be interesting.

3 Responses to Georgia outlaws popular piercing…for women

  1. modok says:

    Just for the record, the thought of piercing my naughty bits makes my hands very sweaty.

    Not that I think this is a good law or anything.

  2. Considering how poorly I react when I see a waiter or waitress with a tongue stud — metal objects in the mouth not being among the things I associate favorably with eating — I don’t even want to think how I would react if I saw piercings of this sort. But I don’t understand why adults choosing to pierce themselves in this (ulp) fashion should be the concern of the legislature.

  3. dave says:

    my god.. i can’t believe i’m moving to the South,