Days of Note

1977: Rob Drimmie is born. Happy birthday Rob!

2000: frytopia is born. FOUR! MORE! YEARS!

2002: I met my husband. The only day better was our wedding a few months later.

In celebration, I propose we all ignore the news, eat something delicious, and fall in love.

3 Responses to Days of Note

  1. SATR says:

    Oh happy day!

  2. modok says:

    yay for May 10!
    It is also the day my grandma died 🙁
    (which was sad, but she was great and I have many happy mamories!)
    and the day my niece/goddaughter was born 🙂
    I never realised how active a day it is! woot!

  3. Paul says:

    ignoring, eating and falling!