Okay then!

I have been exhorted to update. Here are some random things:

The library of Alexandria has been found.

Via Lilly, a baby tiger cam, which sent me on a hunt to find more kitties, leading to this wonderful place, where I have purchased a membership. Do not miss this short video of a 10-day-old Amur leopard cub. So cute!

I have become interested in bento boxes.

The baby starlings in our soffit have grown and left the nest. Their parents will remain until they migrate, and next spring we expect them back to raise another brood. Hearing baby birds in the morning has been a tremendous joy. While the parents are away this winter, I may scheme a webcam.

3 Responses to Okay then!

  1. Ralf says:

    Have you seen these?

    Imagine the look on Senn’s face when he opens one unexpectedly at work 🙂

    Hope you’re all well,


  2. Cat says:

    Yes! I love that. I’m so very lazy…though how hard can it be to cut a heart out of a nori sheet?

  3. Kate S. says:

    The Library of Alexandria was always at the top of the list of my destinations when time travel is finally invented. From the article it said there were uncovered 13 lecture halls that could hold 5,000 students. I would sit in the front row, but they probably didn’t allow females in school back then.