Eagle Canyon

Zoo fan? Oregonian? Get yourself to the Zoo’s new Eagle Canyon exhibit.

Our zoo has long needed an exhibit dedicated to the locals, and they’ve done a wonderful job of it. You do need to navigate around a construction zone, and you’ll wonder if you’re going the right way–but once you get there it’s worth it. Eagle Canyon isn’t just about eagles, it’s about beavers, ringtails, salmon, river otters (river! otters!) and all our legendary Northwest kritters.

The Zoo has done their one-way glass trick for the dens of the river otters and beavers, so you get to see the animals up close. The temptation to scritch river otter bellies was overwhelming–good thing I couldn’t!

The apex of the path, which leads through rocky outcroppings and waterfalls (parents beware–the rocks are very tempting to children), ends up in an observation post where you can see a mother and son pair of bald eagles.

While we are inundated with images of these creatures, nothing can prepare you for how damned cool they are in person. These are huge, gorgeous birds. And the observation post has an open front, so if they chose to, they could SWOOP IN AND EAT YOUR FACE!

My only complaint about the exhibit is that the path doesn’t loop; you must walk back through it to get to the main zoo. I’m sure that will change over time, perhaps once they get the farm built (fun!).

So go to the Oregon Zoo, and get your face eaten by an eagle. It’ll be fun, I promise.

3 Responses to Eagle Canyon

  1. Kate S. says:

    Congratulations on the new zoo improvements. I love those new-styled housing units that allow visits up close and personal. We got to see the baby Orangutang at the San Diego Zoo in March because of this. What an incredible experience! I started crying, so overwhelmed I was seeing the tiny, hairy ball held in the crook of its huge, gentle, mother’s arms — I’ll never forget the antics of the curious group as she swatted them away, one by one, as they were pesky flies, trying to climb up to her perch to get a peek at the new baby.

  2. Elay says:

    Oh, how exciting! That wasn’t there last summer. Now I have a great excuse to buy a new zoo pass . . . mmm . . . zoo.

  3. Kelly says:

    I can’t get over the visual of momma and son Bald Eagles eating your face. Yikes! Very Wild Kingdom.