Well, they’re both bad people

I’ve been waiting for this to become available at the PBS site. A few weeks ago, David Brancaccio interviewed Frank Lutz, a republican “pollster”–the man who puts the words in the GOP’s mouth.

When DB asked Luntz how he could justify confusing the public re: Iraq’s (non-existent) involvement in 9/11 by continually, as a matter of policy, mentioning Saddam and Bin Laden in every speech, he says:

“Okay. But you say caused by. That’s actually not the wording of the research. It’s did Iraq play any role or is there a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda? I don’t even know if it’s Al Qaeda or Al “Kida”. I hear Bush Administration officials call it both.

They don’t say cause. And this is where I focus on words. Is there a relationship? Are these bad people? Was Saddam Hussein a bad person? Is Osama bin Laden a bad person? The answer is absolutely yes. “

Hmm, let’s try this out. Genghis Khan, Murrow Building. Khan, Murrow. Khan, McVeigh?

After a while, it might work. But that doesn’t make it right. Luntz is an absolute master of doublespeak, and this interview saw my jaw on the floor for minutes.

This interview is a must for anyone watching the media. Here’s the transcript, and here’s the video.

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