Webvisions 2004

A good time was had by all at yesterday’s Webvisions conference. I finally got to meet Anil, who gave a good talk on–what else–weblogging. I also zeroed in on Nick as soon as I could, and asked him to introduce me to Paul Bausch of ORblogs. I keep just missing Paul, and I had a feeling he was someone whose ideas I would like. I was right. We chatted for a bit about building community with other Oregon bloggers. Two key items: meatspace meetings are essential, and Portland isn’t the center of the world. Okay, I think Portland is the center of the world, but I’m willing to cede the point. I’m even willing to rent a car and drive a bit, if that’s what it takes. It would be nice to link Portland Bloggers to other, sister blogging groups, like the lively one in Bend.

All in all, an inspiring and informative (though a tad disorganized) event. Good job, Webvisions! I look forward to attending next year.

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