Walk of Mayors

In wandering the streets in search of subjects for my latest project, I have been struck once again at how little of our public art is dedicated to our local history. It gets me right foamy.

Why do we fund a generic monstrosity of a cherubic pioneer family, when our own founders were so much more interesting?

I’ve had many ideas for local sculptures, but here’s a keeper: a Walk of Mayors. Several downtown blocks upon which would stand life-size bronzes of each mayor, alongside an informational bollard. Space them out at two or three per block, so it’s a bit of an adventure.

Yes, I realize some portraits will be difficult to manage–I’m willing to put up with a bit of fudging on sculptural accuracy to get the history out there in an interesting fashion. The spousal unit says I’m deeply interested in local history because I’m deeply weird, and willing to slog through the boring to get to the interesting. This makes him happy, because he gets to know who shot whom and where the bodies are buried, without wading through fiscal reports from 1917. In conjunction with this, I contend that the general public isn’t interested in its own history because they aren’t exposed to it. So let’s get the good (salacious, scandalous, inspiring) bits out there.

5 Responses to Walk of Mayors

  1. Great idea: I’m all in favor!

  2. Cat says:

    I had a feeling we would be of like minds on this one!

    Now, how the heck do we actually get it done…

  3. Let’s start with the big issue: cost. What does it cost to have a good sculptor design, and a foundry cast, a full-size statue of a person?

  4. Cat says:

    I’ve written the Director of the Regional Arts and Culture Council in hopes of getting some ballpark figure. I’m sure it will be intimidating.

  5. As a fallback I suppose we could do heads, or bronze plaques with bas-relief, but the statues would be impressive.