That may be a hyperbolic title. Sue me, it’s early.

Here’s the instacat poll from Liberal Conspiracy. Now here’s my take:

Bush did better last night. He formed full sentences, and had clearer ideas. And he still got spanked.

Kerry consistently gave answers that not only clarified issues, but inspired me as a voter.

Three points where Bush blew it:

  1. His demeanor was often angry and decidedly unpresidential. Spousal Unit and I were taken aback several times, worried that Bush isn’t stable enough to safely lead the country for the next month. “I’m behind in the polls? Fine, bring me my special briefcase.”
  2. A really bad point was where Kerry explained that the “partial-birth” abortion bill had no provision for protecting the health of the mother. “A woman who is carrying a baby who will die anyway shouldn’t have to die in childbirth.” And on parental permission for abortions, he explained that when a “16-year-old-girl is raped by her father, she shouldn’t have to ask her rapist for permission….it’s not as simple as the President would have you believe.” After these very clear examples, Bush stepped forward and said: “Yes, it is that simple, either you’re for it or against it!” This example of Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” left me stunned and a little sick.*
  3. Near the end of the debate, a woman asked Bush to describe three mistakes he had made, and what he had done to correct them. Except for “a few appointments”, he came up emtpy-handed. He was head-shakingly arrogant. He’s been asked this question before–why can’t he come up with something a little humbler?

I’m wondering at this point if Bush will find a way to cancel the last debate.

*Note: I don’t have a transcript handy, so my quotes are approximate.

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