For your reading pleasure

Me, I’m busy setting up the system in Getting Things Done and having a great time. You know how I love new organizational systems, and this one is actually changing my thinking. I’ll report back in a while on progress.

While I’m doing that, I’d like to point you to a couple of excellent new reads I’ve been perusing:

Slacker Manager is my favorite new read. Bren loves a lot of the same types of “lifehacks” (that’s what kids these days are calling self-help) that I do. Case in point: he did a recent entry on one of my favorite all-time books–one so important to me that I re-read it every few years: Your Money or Your Life. So when he’s into something new, I listen. As in, see the first paragraph of this post.

My other favorite new read is Simple Subjects. Jared has great links and deep thoughts on sustainability and simple living, and he is putting the concepts into practice. I recommend him as a resource for anyone thinking about their impact on this planet, and balancing work with quality of life.

Oh yeah, and both these guys are local. Oregon bloggers rule.

1 Responses to For your reading pleasure

  1. Kip Manley says:

    Okay, too many people I know have been seduced by this thing. I’m going to have to peek at it.

    Could help with the whole Project From Hell thing.