MT 3.x: Danger Wil Robinson!

I upgraded frytopia and its associated blogs to MT 3.121 to test it out before upgrading anyone else I manage. Well. I did some work this weekend, deleting some obsolete blogs in the system, and lo and behold, a couple of other blogs went with them! This is a well-known, big, nasty-ass bug involving author permissions. I was able to get permissions back, but all the entries and templates were gone. Luckily, I’d backed up recently (for the first time in months) or I would have lost an awful lot.

Obviously, I won’t be upgrading anyone else any time soon. I’ve had nothing but problems with the new MT and MT-Blacklist, and I deeply regret the upgrade and the cash I shelled out for it. The commenting features I needed aren’t there without a further plugin (which scares me to death at this point), so there was no value for me in upgrading.

If you’ve been hanging on to your old install, I highly recommend you keep hanging.

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  1. monkeyinabox says:

    Bummer, I’ve been thinking about making the move to MT 3.0, mainly for better comment spam control. I’ve heard mixed reviews, so honestly I’m not sure who to listen to.

  2. FYI, this appears to have been confirmed as an MT-Blacklist bug, tho it’s currently unknown just how.

  3. Cat says:

    Yes, the comments were pointing toward blacklist. I’d be miffed at Jay, except that I downloaded this version *from Movabletype* as part of their plugin pack. Methinks he was awfully rushed to get a product out for 3.x. Also, this problem showed up at MT forums ages ago. There is a mailing list for MT (which they’ve rarely, if ever, used) for a reason.

    Monkey–if you want comment spam control, install the older version of MT Blacklist. It’s killer.

  4. Jay Allen says:

    Hey frykitty, sorry to hear that you were affected by the bug, but I’m glad you had backups (always a great idea).

    You can be miffed at me if you like, but it’s not as if I wanted this to happen. In fact, it’s a ridiculously obscure and inconsistently appearing bug. In fact, neither I nor none of my beta testers (who tested the product rigorously) found it nor have a vast majority of MT-Blacklist users. If it was an obvious and apparent bug, it certainly wouldn’t have existed in the product for this long. Also, lest I remind you, the plugin has been clearly labelled “beta” and for good reason.

    To correct another misconception, Six Apart isn’t responsible in the least for this problem and in fact, the support team is the only reason that I know about it because they did a lot of work to isolate the cause (MT-B) and then notify me. No one who has been affected by the bug has **ever** contacted me, despite having a forum and a blog dedicated to the plugin as well as an infinite number of email addresses via which I can be contacted, so we should actually **thank** the support team at 6A for their efforts.

    Lastly, I’m sorry that you’ve “had nothing but problems with the new MT and MT-Blacklist” but I don’t remember ever receiving any feedback from you on your problems or how I could make it work better for you (unless I didn’t recognize you in correspondance, which is possible). MT-B v2.x is a direct result of my request for users’ most desired features (of which there were many), so it’s not as if I don’t care what you want or how I can make your life easier.

    Remember, this whole thing was done on a volunteer basis and on my own time. Yes, great things have come of it, but that’s not why I created the plugin or why I continue to maintain it. You can be pissed off at me if you want, but the ever-increasing chorus of thanks from thousands of users whom this software has literally saved will sustain my efforts.

    Personally, I find MT 3.x and MT-Blacklist v2.x to be a vast improvement over 2.661 and 1.6.5, but of course, your mileage may vary.

  5. Cat says:

    Hi Jay–thanks for chiming in. My original post was directed primarily at MT because when I posted it, there was only a hint that the problem was Blacklist related. I know you don’t feel MT should be at all responsible, but they’re the big guns here, and they included it as part of a plugin package. For a company that’s no longer the folks down the block, that’s a big endorsement. Let’s put it this way: if I were MT, I would feel really bad, and be taking the heat. Kind of a “captain of the ship” thing. Also, it’s only because I upgraded my MT that I ended up with the beta blacklist at all. For some reason, I was sure the new MT had greater comment control–as in the ability to close old comments–than it actually does. My bad, but once installed, I wasn’t keen to try to back it out.

    I only upgraded a little while ago (thus the recent backups available–I so suck at doing backups), and frankly I was waiting for a non-beta version of Blacklist before I passed anything along. I have a helluva lot to do, so unless I’m actually working with someone on a project, I’m not likely to provide cogent feedback on a beta. Right now I’m looking at other options until there’s a solid release, but man…I just wanna have toast, I don’t want to fix the toaster, you know?

    So, in a nutshell, moving to MT 3.x was a mistake that left me with no choice but to make more mistakes. Thus, regrets.

  6. Frank Kelly says:

    Hey Cat,

    I don’t run MT and I don’t quite understand tech questions, but it’s always good to see you post something new. Do more. Thanks.

    Frank Kelly

  7. For what it’s worth, at this point all the MT installs I’ve performed using MT 3.x have been single-blog intalls, so I’ve had no experience of the circumstances that reportedly cause this problem. That said, I’ve had a remarkable lack of major issues with either MT 3.x or the relevant MT-B release.

    It’s all about context and runtime situation.