GTD for girls

…or for boys who like sparkly things.

Implementation of both GTD and YMOYL require the use of a handy notepad–something I like having around anyway. Notepads all over the house, no problem. But what about when I’m tooling around, purseless and packless?

Being a woman who uses her pockets, I decided to look for a keychain notepad. Most of the ones out there are very shoddy, but I found some well-made, snazzy ones sold on the cheap from Highsmith. I’ve been using mine for several days, and it works fabulously. The snap is secure, the cover is neato, and the pages tear out very easily for dropping off at the inbox.

1 Responses to GTD for girls

  1. scott r says:

    i like the photo
    the candy colors really caught the little kid facet
    of my aesthetic SenSurround

    just stopping by
    finally got back on-line with new computer
    making my own burn disks, complete with b-movie
    dialog clips, is FUN!