Bye-bye Sitemeter

Despite the fact that its numbers diverge wildly from my actual site logs, I have for years found Sitemeter to be a quick way to take a look at who is linking me. I put up with the colorful box at the bottom of each page, and the ads on their stats page. I put up with the fact that once, when I was foolish enough to pay for a premium account, I was unable to remove that pay account without writing someone. I even put up with the obvious right-wing ads.

For the last few days, Sitemeter has decided it’s okay to have popup ads. Not only that, they’ve found a way to get past Firefox’s popup blocker.

Well then, Sitemeter, fuck you. I’ve removed my stats box from the main pages, and it will be disappearing from the rest of the site over time. I don’t begrudge their right to make money. I have never tried to hide their logo on my pages with clever CSS, and I’ve been a pretty faithful user, as have so many bloggers. What they apparently don’t realize is that bloggers really really hate popup ads. At least this one does.

2 Responses to Bye-bye Sitemeter

  1. Paul says:

    bye bye site meter

  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, heck, the one on your site hasn’t even worked for months and months. I’ll definitely be removing any remnants there, too.