The Sordid Life of Rye Pooter

I don’t often highlight the blogs I read. I dump them on the sidebar and let folks click. But Cat Trapper’s Journal is something special. From Corvallis come the daily struggles of a woman who has an extraordinary dedication to animals, yet speaks of it in the most ordinary way. Her heroic efforts to trap and sterilize feral cats are just everyday events in her life. This humble voice makes her stories all the more poignant. You find yourself getting to know Scully and Rye Pooter and Shyly and all the critters, and cheering and hoping for the best outcome.

A suggestion to the author: if there are local clinics or shelters you use that could stand donations, those links would be lovely on your sidebar.

Update: the blog has moved to: Strayer. Thanks, anonymous commenter!

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