Longbaugh? Longboo!

A letter to Joe Lesher, listed contact for the Longbaugh Film Festival:

I’m a film fan, and love to support a good festival…but what’s up with the degrading television spot? It makes me feel like I just ran a phalanx of longshormen. Worse, it makes me angry enough to completely avoid Longbaugh and any films associated with it. Angry enough to rattle off an email to a stranger–not something I do on a regular basis.

The woman in the ad is only there to be humiliated and ogled. She means nothing as a person–she’s just a victim for some crafty little boys. I imagine a lot of women could relate to her, with memories of adolescent harrassment and street hassle. Is that really how you want your female audience to feel when they view a commercial for the Festival?

Depending upon Joe’s answer, there may be further letters to Comcast, and any other sponsors.

Sad thing is, the spot is really well done. Someday, when women aren’t bombarded with the message that they’re only good for sex, an ad like this will be funny. But not today.

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