My First (and last) Addiction to Reality TV

Last night marked the conclusion of The Next Food Network Star, and the good guys won. I’m glad, especially since I didn’t get to vote. Food Network is not so big on their west coast fans, and apparently ran the show early to sync with the east–fine, except it wasn’t mentioned in the previous week’s show. And I don’t watch the damned tube all week. So pout.

But anyway, here’s my ^thoughtful^ commentary on each of the contestants:

They didn’t give this guy a chance, but I think his early elimination was strategic–getting rid of the extra straight white guy. Also, it was hard to tell his performance apart from Hans, so I think they went with the one who had slightly better food skills.

Obviously there for her looks, which turned out to be sad, because she was a nice person. But oy, she just wilted in front of the camera. Poor Harmony.

At first I thought he was obnoxious, but in the end I missed Michael the most, and wish he would get his concept developed despite being eliminated. He has a really cool idea, and all he needs to pull it off is a haircut. Not necessarily a conservative one! Just a better one.

Eric was out of his league from the beginning. I’m not sure why he was there, and I cringed in embarrassment for him every time he took the stage.

I bet Hans gets a show eventually. I just bet. When the guy relaxes, he’s absolutely great.

The only person on the show I actively disliked. She started right out by taking pot shots at other contestants (“you don’t want your omelette to fall apart!”), went on to be a freakin’ prima donna (“owie! my finger! I don’t want to pass out!”), and ended by pointing out how she did better than another contestant. Good lord woman, get a clue: you weren’t eliminated because you weren’t good, you were eliminated because you’d be hell to work with.

I never got her show. Caribbean? Spicy? Her dishes looked a lot like Paula Deen’s. And I never knew exactly what she was putting in there. I think she would have made a good host with some help, but right out of the gate, there was nothing that interested me.

Woooooo! By far my favorites right from the beginning. What fun it is to watch them work. I’ll definitely be watching their show when it premieres.

Final word on the show: out of 10,000 entries, those were the best? Oh come on. Two of the contestants (Deborah and Susannah) were already known to staff, as they’d guested on other shows. So you figure they had those slots set. That leaves six. Of those, at least one was a complete mess, and probably another could have been weeded out in the interview process. I just have a feeling there were some amazing cooks amongst those neglected tapes.

1 Responses to My First (and last) Addiction to Reality TV

  1. Jenn says:

    I mostly agree with your take on that show. Mostly, I thought it was a cool idea, but I feel sort of ripped off knowing how the shows work now! haha I ama Food Network JUNKIE!!!

    How cool would it be to be able to view the tapes of everyone?!? I think you’re right and I bet there were some amazing people that didn’t even get a chance.

    Fun stuff, though!