1. My memories of Mad Magazine are few (I mostly liked the foldy things in the back), but when I’m sneezing my brains out, I do remember one particular feature. It was one of their “sung to the tune of” comics, this one to the timeless earworm, “Close To You”. It featured a poor schmuck afflicted with seasonal sniffles, who was afraid of being seen as a nerdy allergy-boy. In the end, he discovers that his suffering is hip, with the final line: “It’s not bad, you’re cool if you’ve had…allergies.”
  2. From the imdb biography of David Dukes:

    His wife, Carol Muske, wrote a book titled Life after Death, where a woman upset at her husband for leaving her and child says to him “Why don’t you just die?”. The next day he dies of a heart attack on a tennis court. Shortly after the book was completed, David Dukes went to play tennis and died of a heart attack.


    I’m watching Rose Red on the sci-fi channel, since I didn’t catch it the first time ’round. Yeah, it’s bad. I pretty much want everyone to die horribly–but not for real, like David Dukes did during filming. I’m cheerfully calling the African companion ghostie “Zucchini” instead of Sukeena. I’m also a little ticked that she’s the only non-white character. Yes, yes, Julian Sands is Martian, but he’s still white.

  3. Today’s eargnat: Tycho Brahe.

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  1. Matt says:

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    The silver nose is almost as good as the busted gut. Woo!